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It was the 80s, and everything that could go wrong did go wrong: a bad record deal, merchandising disasters, and the now-infamous "monkey incident." But now the Star Crumbles are back, dusting off the old hits-that-might-have-been for the long-delayed release of the legendary lost album The Ghost of Dancing Slow.


After decades of legal wrangling with their label (whose name will not be repeated here), original Star Crumbles Brian Lambert and Marc Schuster have painstakingly remixed, remastered, and in some cases reconstructed the tracks they first recorded in 1982. Their first single, "Desperately Wanting" is now available on all streaming platforms, and their second single, "Shadows in the Dark" goes live on August 12!

"Imagine the mix of Roxy Music-style vocals and the twanging melancholy of Pornography-era The Cure and you have stumbled across the sound of my favourite single of the month… Mesmerizing.”


–Darrin Lee, Janglepop Hub