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New Single!

Echoing the gritty, bluesy indie rock of the Black Keys and the dark, electronic ambience of Depeche Mode, “Get What  You Are” is the first original tune from the Star Crumbles since last year’s debut album, The Ghost of Dancing Slow.


Upon recording the song’s dark and moody electronic backing track, band member Marc Schuster sent it off to co-conspirator Brian Lambert for lyrics and vocals. What came next sent a shiver down Marc’s spine.


“Brian’s lyrics fit the mood of the piece perfectly,” Marc says. “And when I heard that line about the you you knew you were becoming, I just thought it captured what it means to be self-aware—of being capable of looking at yourself and realizing you’re turning into a jerk but also being able to take a different path based on that realization. I think we’ve all been there at one time or another, but that line just formulates the idea perfectly. I suppose that’s why Brian writes the words.”


“Get What You Are” is now available on BandCamp and will be available through streaming services on March 17.

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