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The Star Crumbles:
Music from the Atari Age


BIO (Short Version)

Hailing from Denton, TX, and Philadelphia, PA, respectively, Brian Lambert and Marc Schuster formed The Star Crumbles as a tribute to the 80s New Wave music they both loved in their youth. 


The music of The Star Crumbles would have sounded right at home on college radio in the early 1980s. Listeners of a certain age can easily imagine the band’s blend of synths, guitars, and big, crunchy drums echoing through the cavernous haze of their favorite video arcade above the click and clatter of air-hockey tables and the electronic din of video games. It's only appropriate, then, that the video for “Shadows in the Dark” should depict the band trapped in an eight-bit Atari nightmare.

24-Bit WAV


“Indie rock at its finest and a retro feel. Love it.”

     – Radio De Schans


“Imagine the mix of Roxy Music-style vocals and the twanging melancholy of Pornography-era, The Cure and you have stumbled across the sound of my favorite single of the month… Mesmerizing.”

     – Darrin Lee, Janglepop Hub

"The Star Crumbles... would sound right at home on any 80s radio station!"

    - DJ Dizzy Storms, The Flipside

"A haunting collaboration."

     - Jeff Archuleta, Eclectic Music Lover

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BIO (Long Version)

After releasing a song a week for a full year, Denton, Texas, indie-rocker Brian Lambert had certainly earned himself a day off. But no sooner had he completed the final song of his 52-week song challenge than Philadelphia native Marc Schuster reached out with a collaboration in mind.


The pair had worked together earlier in the year when Marc contributed a synth riff and backing vocals to Brian’s song “Kids.” This time around, the collaboration would be more balanced. Marc had a track that needed a top-line—lyrics and a melody. If anyone could deliver, he knew it would be Brian.


Twenty-four hours later, they had “Desperately Wanting.” Reminiscent of music by the Cure, the Smiths, and Echo and the Bunnymen (with hints of Roxy Music and Belly), the song explores the human need for connection—and laments all the ways we feel to communicate when we need it most. In short, it’s a song for and about our emotionally fraught times.

From there, the duo decided that it only made sense to start working on an album together, and thus The Star Crumbles (an anagram of their surnames) were born. 

Marc explains, “We came by The Star Crumbles when we entered our last names into an anagram generator. It actually spit out about fifty possibilities like Last Term Cherubs, Rat Chest Rumbles, and Thermal Scrub Set. In the end, there was something whimsical and oddly humbling about The Star Crumbles. I keep thinking of the idea that all life on Earth is composed of atoms from stars that exploded billions of years ago. In that sense, we’re all star crumbles.”

Their latest single, "Shadows in the Dark," is reminiscent of 80s new-wave bands like the Cure, Ultravox, Men Without Hats, and Echo and the Bunnymen. The single went live on all streaming services on August 12.

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